a kid from new york with a camera

Photography has been a love of mine since I was a child. Whether it was exploring my backyard or the world around me, I always found beauty that needed to be shared.  Capturing my visions then showing them to my friends and family was exciting.  This love I had for photography never subsided.  Years later I found myself in a position to turn this passion into something much more than a hobby. 

I began studying the art of photography more diligently than ever.  Researching everything from how a camera works to the technical aspects of what makes a great photograph.  I realized this love I had since I was a kid was always with me waiting to be evolved.

I look back at all the family portraits that kept me shooting.  The beautiful landscapes I photographed that inspired me.  The product and commercial photography that taught me the importance of composition and lighting.  The event photography that had me keep a well stocked inventory of batteries, memory cards and back-up gear.  All of this lead me to what I discovered to be my ultimate calling in the photography world... Fashion Photography.

Shooting in the fashion world is one of the most challenging styles of photography not to mention competitive.  I think thats what made me fall in love with it.  It made me strengthen all of my current skills and forced me to learn more than ever about lighting and editing.  I knew if I was going to make a name for myself in the Fashion world I'd have to be the absolute best I could be.  

A kid from New York with a camera.  

I am now working on building a team of artists and models in advancing our portfolios to be presented to the top fashion agencies in New York City.  I've had the opportunity and privilege to learn from some of the top photographers, models and creative talents in Fashion.  Never in a million years would I have predicted this.  Don't ever give up on your dreams.  Because when embraced they won't give up on you. 

Thank You,

Stephen J Mihalchik

Personal Info

As a lifelong enthusiast of all different genres of music, most of his shoots are inspired by specific songs or albums.  With a strong respect and appreciation for the importance of family time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys learning about new technology, exploring New York City and video production including his love for drone photography.  Stephen still studies photography daily with the same intensity as he did years ago and is a firm believer in always being a constant student.  "Written by Barry Burton for Stephen J Mihalchik"