2018 Recap

2018 was absolutely amazing.  I am so thankful for all the love and support.  There were massive strides made in my career.  I was privileged to have worked with so many talented people.  NYFW was great and I attended some awesome shows.  


Looking back I am so proud of all the professional connections I made.  I believe it’s very important to surround yourself with motivated people. 


I also want to thank Forbes Magazine and Out Magazine for giving me my first large publications.   


I landed a small cameo as a photographer on the show Housewives of New York.  Can’t wait to see that!    

So happy to have begun training myself for video production and started learning drone photography.  Learning to fly the drone has been a blast 


I couldnt be more happy with 2018.  I now want to take everything to the next level and completely conquer my new goals.  Thanks so much to everyone who worked with me and dedicated their time to the art of photography.  -Steve


Shooting on location in Brooklyn.   


NYFW face:) 


Drone work! 


OUT Magazine





In the studio