W.T.F. is W.T.F. 💁‍♀️

Recently I had the pleasure of ducumenting the Play Hard Look Dope team on their trip to Sarasota, Florida.  Jon & Ebony of Play Hard Look Dope worked tirelessly as usual modeling for me as I photographed them and filmed them.  

Please enjoy my first short film.  This film celebrates Jon & Ebony as they enjoy their relationship together as well as the fruits of their labor.  

So W.T.F. does W.T.F. stand for?  “Welcome to Florida!”  What did you think? 😎  -Steve


My First Short Film “Welcome to Florida”.

Some photos from the beach.  


Stunning view from the penthouse.  


water was cold but refreshing. 


Beach fun. 


My camera took a bath but the shot is great!


The Boss! 


This week I had the honor of having one of my photos permantly hung at the LEGENDARY pizzeria John’s of Bleecker Street.

The photo is of the owners of Play Hard Look Dope jewelry.  The owners Jon & Ebony have made a massive impact with their beautiful unisex jewelry.  Their natural stone and stainless steel pieces have been featured in some major photo shoots.  They were also featured during NYFW in Out Magazine with an edgy shoot also shot by me.  

Thank you so much to the management and staff of John’s of Bleecker Street for displaying my photo with PHLD.  We had a blast.  The pizza is AMAZING!!!!!   Check out these shots!



Pete of John’s mounting my photo.



Pete, Ebony & Jon!  Our new home right next to Vanilla Ice! 






Proud Father! 



Thank you! 

2018 Recap

2018 was absolutely amazing.  I am so thankful for all the love and support.  There were massive strides made in my career.  I was privileged to have worked with so many talented people.  NYFW was great and I attended some awesome shows.  


Looking back I am so proud of all the professional connections I made.  I believe it’s very important to surround yourself with motivated people. 


I also want to thank Forbes Magazine and Out Magazine for giving me my first large publications.   


I landed a small cameo as a photographer on the show Housewives of New York.  Can’t wait to see that!    

So happy to have begun training myself for video production and started learning drone photography.  Learning to fly the drone has been a blast 


I couldnt be more happy with 2018.  I now want to take everything to the next level and completely conquer my new goals.  Thanks so much to everyone who worked with me and dedicated their time to the art of photography.  -Steve


Shooting on location in Brooklyn.   


NYFW face:) 


Drone work! 


OUT Magazine





In the studio

Editing for Natural Beauty

Here is how editing could enhance the beauty of a scene naturally.  Check out the video below...



We are now connected with Central Park Dance in Westchester, NY.  We have some amazing dance photos coming.  We just completed an amazing shoot for One Piece.  This summer we have some EXTREME shoots planned.  Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram to see the latest photos.

NYFW 2017 :)

There will be more coverage and many more styles to show this year.  I'll be sharing the shows I'll be attending soon.


I am rapidly filling my calendar with shoots for 2017.  Booking now for February & March.  Contact me today for rates and availability.  


I want to thank everyone who supported my work in 2016.  All of the models, stylists, make-up artists and media pros who believed in my vision.  My personal expectations for this year were blown to smithereens.  I'm so excited for 2017.  I plan on pushing myself and my art harder than ever.  Thanks to everyone who genuinely wished me well.  So damn thankful.  -Steve :)


I will be covering runway shows for New York Fashion Week September 8 - 15 2016.  Designers featured PH5, Katty Xiomara, Miguel Vieira & more.  Prepare for the latest fall fashions.

Prepping for the Next Adventure

Looking forward to some time in the studio.  Prepare for a dramatic switch in looks and mood.  It's going to get real cold this winter ;)

What a crazy summer so far!

I am so blessed to have met some amazing people so far this summer.  Models, MUA's, stylists and all different creatives.  I want to thank everyone who is supporting me and working with me.  I invite you to follow me on Instagram to get daily updates and opportunities to shoot with me.  See you soon!!!

The Evolution Begins...

I will be Shooting all week in NYC.  Feel free to stop by if you see me.  You'll get a complimentary pro shot!  SoHo, BK, TSq.  Some really cool shots coming.

Thank You!

The response on social media has been just awesome.  I am in the process of setting up shoots for 5 new models.  I want to thank everyone for believing in me and my work.  Let's fly to the moon together!